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About us
Irina Glazunova's school is based on online art courses that combine all basic academic knowledge and modern techniques in painting and graphics.
Also, there is a lot of practice in the classroom: students begin to draw from the very first classes, gradually moving from simple to more complex and mastering various techniques and genres.

Anyone from the age of 5 can enroll in the course..

Course author
Irina Glazunova
Course author and curator
Graduated Vitebsk State University artistic and graphic faculty (Belarus).
Irina has been teaching for 13 years and leads author's online courses around the world.
She wants to make drawing skills more accessible for all children all over the world, proving that art can easily become a successful activity for everyone.
"The creative process has to be fun for our little students - that's my philosophy"


The school has a number of advantages that set it apart in the online art training market.
Ease of learning
Classes are fully adapted to online learning as well as self-study
Affordable price
Video lessons, master classes, individual lessons with the artist
You can study from anywhere in the world. The main thing is to have paints, brushes and access to the Internet.
Private account
Courses and classes are available in a personal account on an educational platform with convenient video conferencing.
Communication with the teacher will always be available through the student's personal account.
Student works
More student works can be seen on our social networks
How does it work
Send the request
Fill out the course registration form.
We will contact you by e-mail to confirm the info for the course.
Pay for the course
The cost of the course depends on the form of study.
Start your studies
During the day, you will receive educational materials to the specified mail. In the archive you will find all the necessary materials. Curator's into video, 3 video tutorials.
Study on your own or with a teacher
During your studies, you can contact the curator of your course.
Final project
As a final project, you have to make a real painting.
The works of our best students appear in our online gallery on instagram.
Become a member of the gallery
We run an online gallery our best graduates.
Feedback about the lessons
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